High Frequency IC Design

TUMSIS has more than 10 years of experience in the area of radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design. The main focus is on the design of high-performance RFICs using SiGe BiCMOS technologies and RF-MEMS. We have successfully completed several projects at different frequency bands such as S-, X- and K-band; targeting various applications such as WLAN, UWB communications, bio-transmitters and phased arrays.

We are currently improving our capabilities even to mm-wave range and working on the design of RF front-end circuits for imaging systems at W-band.


  • Design of RFIC blocks: LNA, PA, VCO, PLL, frequency synthesizers, SPDT switches, active/passive phase shifters, VGA, complete T/R module for phased arrays.
  • Measurement: S-parameter, noise figure, P1dB, IIP3 measurements up to 110 GHz

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    Core Expertise

    SiGe T/R modules for X-band phased array radars:

    Development of the building blocks for the next-generation, high performance transmit/receive modules for X-band phased array radars. The building blocks include LNA (low-noise amplifier, PA (power amplifier), SPDT (single-pole double-throw switches), PS (phase shifter) and VGA (variable gain amplifier). The development of SiGe T/R modules are a promising solution for hybrid (SiGe and III-V together) phased array radar systems, enabling higher level of integration and lower cost.

    Front-end Circuits for Passive mm-wave Imaging:

    Developing SiGe BiCMOS front-end circuits of transmitter/receiver blocks for mm-wave passive imaging systems. Potential applications are concealed weapon detection, airport and security screening, non-hazardous imaging. The front-end blocks include LNAs, SPDT switches (MEMS), power detectors, demodulators and even on-chip antennas.